Booking Conditions

The Oracle Dublin Java User Group aims to provide members, guests and ticketed attendees with an evening of education in Java. By booking a seat at a DubJUG event you acknowledge and agree to the following:

'DubJUG' means the DubJUG community, the organisers, speakers and partners or any person or body so connected.

Our intended audience are software developers and technology professionals. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you are not aligned to our intended audience.

No refunds (monetary or credits) are given for ticket cancellations or no-shows.

You attend the event at your own risk, and save whereas permitted by law, hold DubJUG harmless to any claim whatsover.

You respect that our Partners have invested in their participation of DubJUG. The solicitation of your business or that of your employer, including but not limited to product, services and talent acquistion is not permitted.

DubJUG holds no responsibility or liability directly or indirectly to the content that is presented to the audience, or your use thereof.

DubJUG films, photographs and (occasionally) live-streams our events. By attending the event you accept that you may appear in our photo / video as a member of the audience and such image may be used freely for publicity.

DubJUG promotes friendliness, respect and a comfortable environment for every attendee regardless. We expect every attendee to behave in a way that does not cause offence to fellow attendees - if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, or witness any untoward behaviour, please contact one of the organisers immediately.

If you need clarity regarding any point on this page, please contact us BEFORE making your booking.

“Java is my core skill so I naturally started attending the Dublin Java User Group (DubJUG) organised by Barry Alistair since 2014. DubJUG quickly became my favourite meetup because of the quality of the international speakers. Recently DubJUG had great speakers such as John Ferguson Smart, Martijn Verburg, Ben Evans and Venkat Subramaniam. But its not just about the speakers. There is always lively and engaging conversations to be had and I feel I learn as much from my fellow attendees as I do from listening to the speakers. There is always a good atmosphere at DubJUG events.”
Brian Matthews - Lead Java Developer