Welcome to the Oracle Dublin Java User Group

The Dublin Java User Group (aka DubJUG) is a community of software developers who use languages for the JVM in their professional lives.
We are proud to be supported by Oracle Ireland, our Title Partner.
We strive to fill the void of Java learning in Ireland. Our monthly events enable our members to hear how new technology is being built and applied in companies across the world, and to learn best practice from the international Java experts (the ones that your boss won’t pay for you to meet at European and Worldwide conferences!).
DubJUG also enables our members to meet and develop their local network of Java developers.

Next event

Image SpeakerJanuary 2023 - Four Nights, Four Java Champions...in Dublin!
For four consecutive nights we welcome four Java Champions to Dublin as we team up with the JChampions Conference.
Join us for a hybrid of online talks streamed in from across the world PLUS four live in-person talks with our invited guests! Join the waitlist below for further updates.

Last event

Image SpeakerLearn Lambdas, Streams & Collectors with Maurice
Interested in learning about lambdas streams and collectors in depth? These powerful Java features allow you to implement complex operations clearly and concisely.
This one-day course introduces the ideas of lambdas and streams, and then takes you from the basics to advanced use cases.